About me…

You may be wondering about me, my skills, my current activities, my “passions” and so on….

The Tech side

Well! Straight to the point.

I’ve a very strong “technical” DNA, at least when dealing with the Layer 2 and above of the ISO/OSI stack. I really like to spend time:

  • investigating networking news and problems (at least in LAN and small WAN environments; from Ethernet to IPv4, up to BGP);
  • improving my skills in system administration, expecially GNU/Linux environments;
  • getting my hands on top of current Web 2.0 development standards (I enjoyed AngularJS and Bootstrap during 2015-2017, when I finally understood that JavascriptEcmaScript is no more what I knew lots and lots of year ago…)

Expert-people reading all the above might wonder if is it really possible to get a reasonable understanding of a so wide set of technologies: me too, when thinking to myself, think that someone claiming to know networking, system-administration and web development at the same time… is lying! This is why I like to think to myself as a “generalist”, as for this statement:

Technical people tend to fall into two categories: Specialists
and Generalists. The Specialist learns more and more about a
narrower and narrower field, until he eventually, in the limit,
knows everything about nothing. The Generalist learns less and
less about a wider and wider field, until eventually he knows
nothing about everything.

It was a phrase posted on a mailing-list (unfortunately, with private-archives) on december 2007 by William Stucke. It really impressed me. That’s why I choose to get it as my signature in most of my e-mail. Based on it, I’m going to know nothing about everything.

To get a better (and technical) overview of myself, feel free to give a look to my profile on the Stack Exchange network: I joined it at the end of 2014 and… my reputation is increasing so…. it seems what I write looks useful, at least to someone 🙂

The Life side

Being lucky enough to live in a wonderful region of Italy, Abruzzo, I like to spend the tiny slice of my free time in countryside, enjoying fresh air and beautiful landscapes. 3G connection, anyway, is a “must”, even during those time.

I really like to spend time discussing with foreign people, not only about technical stuff (this happens during working meetings, mainly), but expecially regarding lifestyle, habits and tipical-life in other countries. I will remember forever some nice talk that I had with my friend, Görkem Çetin in a tapas in Badajoz on 2007, during a TOSSAD meeting. It will also last forever, in my mind, the wonderful experience that I had on 2008, in Ghana, to help some friends by bringing Internet connection in Fort Williams, to support the establishment of the Baobab University College. Unfortunatly I haven’t been able to get there again but some images are still clearly impressed in my mind 🙂

Lots of things could (…and should, BTW) be added but, let’s stop here and publish this very page!

Should you find something interested and/or would like more info, feel free to drop me an e-mail. I’ll be happy to answer (…in a reasonable time) 🙂

Thanks for reading!


P.S.: should you wonder about the photo on top of the page: it’s not, unfortunately, my Ferrari! But it was a great pleasure to drive it, even tough for only 4 laps, in Imola, on 2014!