La “Posta Elettronica” negli Atenei Italiani

Damiano Verzulli – 14/02/2021 A dispetto della sua età, il servizio di Posta Elettronica risulta ancora il principale canale di interazione fra la Pubblica Amministrazione da un lato ed i cittadini e le imprese dall’altro. Ce lo ricorda AGID, che nel suo recente report “La spesa ICT nella PA italiana 2020 – Principali trend e … [Read more…]

NodeMCU: upgrading firmware and experimenting LUA

As you might already know, I’ve just placed three Arduino MEGAs around my new house and I’m using them to –among other things– turn on/off the lights of the whole house. I still have to “enter” the new house so… I’m currently “configuring” the “light-switching” system (associating LIGHTs with related Push-Buttons). After several”upgrades” of the … [Read more…]

Reinstalling GRUB2 over an existing (and un-bootable) CentOS 7 box

Every now and then, you might need to “recover” from your un-bootable CentOS. I’m not referring to serious and/or hardware problems, like broken HDD or corrupted filesystem. I’m referring to changes in “geometry” of your HDD/partitions, changes in partitions UUIDs, switch from MBR to GPT, etc. etc.. In other words, I’m referring to system changes … [Read more…]

DNS (bind) issues and… (missing) security policies

Yesterday morning I’ve been notified, by the monitoring platform running at a customer site (NAGIOS, actually), that two distinct DNS services (two BIND instances running on two different Linux hosts – different distributions and different bind versions) gone down at mostly the same time: [08-05-2015 02:09:33] SERVICE ALERT: srv-*****;dns;CRITICAL;HARD;3;CRITICAL – Plugin timed out while executing … [Read more…]