DNS (bind) issues and… (missing) security policies

Yesterday morning I’ve been notified, by the monitoring platform running at a customer site (NAGIOS, actually), that two distinct DNS services (two BIND instances running on two different Linux hosts – different distributions and different bind versions) gone down at mostly the same time: [08-05-2015 02:09:33] SERVICE ALERT: srv-*****;dns;CRITICAL;HARD;3;CRITICAL – Plugin timed out while executing … [Read more…]

…and so, let’s go on-line :-)

So, finally, I’ve taken some time, this sunday, to bring on-line this blog.  It’s quite some time that I’m trying both a proper way to keep together my tech-notes and, at the same time, to refresh my website. After some (…actually, not-very-deep) search, I ended relying on WordPress. All the alternatives I’ve investigated: TiddlyWiki : really … [Read more…]