…and so, let’s go on-line :-)

So, finally, I’ve taken some time, this sunday, to bring on-line this blog.  It’s quite some time that I’m trying both a proper way to keep together my tech-notes and, at the same time, to refresh my website.

After some (…actually, not-very-deep) search, I ended relying on WordPress. All the alternatives I’ve investigated:

  • TiddlyWiki : really interesting (BTW: Thanks, Attilio, to point it to me…). Anyway I’ve been unable to quickly rely on it to build a “classic” blog. A simple list of articles to publish on-line, with no big frills (comments excluded..);
  • Ghost: again, interesting. Anyway it’s based on node.js and, even tough I’m REALLY trying to increase my knowledge of Node.js, I’ve been unable to install Ghost so to be served by Apache (via a ProxyPass). After half an hour of trial (and error…) I ended searching for alternatives;
  • LifeType: it looked interesting. Anyway it disliked that the latest stable release is two years old. In current Internet timeframe, two years without an update is definitely a no-no.

So guess what? WordPress….

I’ve installed plenty of WPs for friends and companies, and I also spend some time managing some private hosting-platforms where users install (and not-mantain) their own WPs. I had various headaches… And this is exactly the reason I started searching for something different.

Anyway… time to go. Will get back shortly (hopefully) with some real content. Stay tuned!

…and, BTW, thanks for visiting 🙂

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